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Frequently Asked Questions

To place an order, please follow these steps:
  1. Select the product you'd like to buy and click on 'Add To Cart'.
  2. Go to the cart page and click on 'PROCEED TO BUY'.
  3. Choose or 'Add a new address', use a preferred payment mode, and place the order.

Refurbished computers and laptops are pre-owned devices that have been thoroughly inspected, tested, and restored to a fully functional condition by our technicians. We offer great value at a reasonable price compared to brand-new computers.

Our refurbished computers typically come with a 2 month warranty that covers hardware malfunctions. This warranty demonstrates our confidence in the quality of our products.

Refurbished computers in excellent condition typically show minimal signs of wear, if any. They might have very minor cosmetic blemishes that are hardly noticeable. These computers are often like new and fully functional.

Yes, we have an offline store in addition to our online presence. We understand the importance of offering both physical and digital shopping options to provide our customers with a versatile and comprehensive shopping experience. Our offline store address is: Ground floor, Web Plaza, Shyam Nagar, Nadi Ka Phatak, Benar Road, Jhotawara, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

No,the delivery date you see after the order confirmation is based on factors like your address, the seller's address, and the time needed by couriers to process and ship your order. Due to these factors,they do not have the option to change the delivery date and have it reach you earlier. However,you can track your order and its movement easily from our website.

No, it's not necessary to have an account to shop on Web It World. Simply choose the "Login with OTP" option during the checkout process and provide the necessary information to complete your purchase. However, creating an account can save your order history and make future purchases more streamlined.

You can pay for your order using the following modes of payment:
  1. Cash on delivery (COD)
  2. Credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and Rupay), Paypal, American Express, and more

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